For over 20 years Dr. Berman has helped design safer and more productive work environments. Repetitive tasks, lifting, bending and standing all lend themselves to possible injuries. Manufacturing jobs involve a lot of repetitive motion and heavy lifting, all things that place a great strain on joints and back muscles. The hunched over, bending over the computer, phone, or tablet screen positions create a host of neck and back problems, particularly for those in the tech industry who spend hours on screens every day. Artists, bakers, food industry workers, and creatives of all types face their own challenges in the workplace that contribute to body pain.

Dr. Berman has is a published author on the subject of ergonomics and is available as a consultant and lecturer on the topic.

Dr. Berman is a licensed NY State Worker’s compensation doctor, priding himself on quickly getting injured workers back on their feet following a workplace injury.


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