A Boutique Chiropractic Office on Campus

Sunset Park Chiropractic was created to address the unique needs of the innovators and makers of the Industry City campus.

There is so much about the campus that stands out and stands alone: the history of the original complex, the sheer size of the buildings and grounds, and the vast concentration of human talent within such a small radius.

Industry City’s artisans, tech trailblazers, designers, and food industry pioneers share one thing in common besides a zest for innovation: jobs contributing to painful posture and repetitive motion injuries.   

Sunset Park Chiropractic (formerly IC Chiropractic) was designed with you in mind after conducting many on-campus interviews to determine what you want in a chiropractic office. As we grow, our office will strive to continually adapt to our patients’ changing needs. Just ask! We want your input.

Sunset Park Chiropractic gives you:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Personalized attention
  • Exceptional care and expertise
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • An unbelievably convenient location in Bldg 6
  • Online self-scheduling 
  • Power-packed appointments that save you time so you can return to your life
  • At-home stretches and exercises 
  • Accident recovery and treatment 

We work hard because you work hard.

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Same-day appointments available

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Our Location

254 36th St, Bldg 2, 4th Fl, B-431 | Bklyn, NY 11232